Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting in June. If you are interested in putting your name forward to the Nominating Committee to be considered for Board membership, please fill out the form below.

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  • President, Jeff Mitchell
  • Vice President, Ken Noronha
  • Past President, Joan Chalovich
  • Treasurer/Secretary, Frank Walkingshaw
  • Music Director, John Kraus (ex officio)
  • Choral Director, Mitchell Cox (ex officio)


  • Carol Anne Bell-Smith
  • Cliff Bell-Smith
  • Katherine Brown
  • Peter Delanty
  • Lynne Ferguson


  • Administration Manager, Marlene Davison
  • House Manager, Marlene Davison
  • Marketing Director, Marlene Davison
  • Digital Marketing, Brad Davison
  • Publicity, Alicia Vandine
  • Librarians,  Felicitas Hansen, Eileen O'Connor, Pam Haskell
  • Choir Rep, Marion Castleton
  • Orchestra Rep, Esther Dermenjian
  • Stage Manager, Chuck Phillips
  • Program Design, Blueprint Agencies