Welcome to our BRAND New Website

Things are a lot different around here now. We have been listening to your Facebook and email suggestions and were excited to show off our modern look! As you can see, we've come a long way and our objective with this new website is to provide you more insight into the Northumberland Orchestra and Choir's community and concerts. In addition, we've simplified the ticket purchasing process and we are now mobile friendly.

"Every good website design starts with your end-user in mind. Designed for a better customer experience."

The Northumberland Orchestra and Choir is much more than just an orcehestra and the goal of this website's new look and feel is to try and better explain what the Northumberland Orchestra experience is all about.

There are a few key changes we want to point out as you make your way through our corner of the internet:

News - Click on our "News" tab at the top of the menu to be taken to our blogs. We have weekly updates with something for everyone!

Mobile Friendly - Our new website is a responsive web design which gives mobile users a better expereince. This allows our website to fit almost any screen and device type, and will sense the contraints of that user's device and automatically "responds" or reconfigures itself to your screen!

We hope you find our new website much easier to navigate, easy to look at, and incredibly helpful. Thanks for stopping by!