NOC Is Seeking Volunteers!

The Northumberland Orchestra & Choir Board of Directors is seeking volunteers from the membership or general public to perform the functions described below on a volunteer basis. Please fill out the form below if interested.



Duties & Responsibilities

Executive, Board and Annual General Meetings

  • Issue notices of all meetings. 
  • Attend and record minutes of all meetings and distribute same to the attendees of those meetings.  
  • Note: Board meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at Trinity United Church in Cobourg.


  • Enter transactions into the accounting database, using appropriate account references.
  • Send supporting records to Treasurer on bi-weekly basis. 
  • Ensure that the value of our inventories is up to date for insurance purposes.
  • Arrange for the payment of bills/invoices and for the follow-up on any accounts payable and receivable.
  • Make bank deposits on a minimum weekly basis as required.
  • Prioritize petty cash submissions, enter bill and convey to Treasurer for approval and payment.
  • Participate in all Finance Committee meetings.
  • Prepare and maintain donation records. 


  • Monitor the NOC phone line and respond to enquiries, referring to Board members as appropriate.
  • Maintain files/records and keeps archives up to date.
  • Collect mail from post box and redirect as appropriate.
  • Book venues for meetings and concerts.
  • Ensure adequate backup of computerized data files. 
  • Provide for required office and copier supplies.
  • Prepare quarterly copier usage reports.
  • Ensure adequate supply of standard mail products (letter head, envelopes, etc.).


  • 3 weeks prior to concert dates, prepare a list of soloists and extra musicians to be paid, tabulate costs and forward to Treasurer and Marketing Chair along with copies of relevant contracts.
  • Enter all payments in the database for guest soloists and extra musicians 2 weeks in advance of concert date, notifying Treasurer to ensure payments are made.
  • 2 weeks prior to each concert, request cheque for float and arrange appropriate denominations for 2 sales points.
  • Four weeks prior to each concert, provide changes to the donor listings that appear in concert programmes to the programme designer.


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel.
  • Strong writing and spelling skills.
  • Familiarity with bookkeeping software.
  • Access to computer equipment with high-speed internet connectivity.



Duties & Responsibilities

  • Co-ordinate and drive sales of season subscriptions and single tickets.
  • Maintain mailing lists of current and potential subscribers.
  • Arrange for design and printing of concert tickets.
  • Received ticket orders on line, in the mail, and through Square Reader.  
  • Track all ticket sales.
  • Mail ticket orders to patrons or make pre-paid tickets available for pick-up. 
  • Co-ordinate ticket sales with retail outlets and door sales on concert nights. 
  • Liaise with the Marketing Committee as required.
  • Prepare a ticket sales report, rationalizing tickets sales and revenue received, or as defined by the Treasurer.
  • Deposit sales revenues in the bank and ensure appropriate paper trails meet the requirements of the Treasurer.  
  • Ensure that all information is recorded in the financial database.
  • Make complimentary tickets available as approved by the President or Marketing Director. 


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel.
  • Strong written and verbal communication spelling skills.
  • Access to computer equipment with high-speed internet connectivity and email.


STAGE MANAGER (Position Filled)

Duties & Responsibilities

  • One week in advance of all concerts, liaise with Music Director regarding the floor plan for each concert.
  • Liaise with venue personnel to ensure access to premises at least 2 hours before set-up for the Friday night rehearsal preceding a Saturday concert and prior to any subsequent rehearsal and the concert if the original set-up has had to be struck. 
  • Organize volunteer crews to prepare the concert space, including removal of non-concert furniture or fixtures (e.g. pews), and set up and take down all concert-related equipment, including chairs, music stands, lights, large instruments, sound equipment.
  • Ensure that all equipment is set up in accordance with the plan submitted by the Music Director.
  • Liaise with venue personnel to ensure that P.A. system and house lights are working order.
  • Provide musicians with 5 minutes notice of requirement to be on stage before the concert and following any intermission.
  • Manage the stage door entrances of musicians, Music Director and soloists.


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly Word, and Adobe Reader.
  • Strong written and verbal communication.
  • Access to computer equipment with high-speed internet connectivity and email.



Duties & Responsibilities

  • Organize and co-ordinate all front-of-house activities for each of 5 concerts during the concert season. Specific tasks are as follows.
  • Recruit volunteers to assist with ticket sales, ticket taking, ushering and post-concert reception.
  • Arrange for catering of post-concert reception, including coffee, tea, water and light snacks.
  • One week in advance of all concerts, liaise with Treasurer or Administrator to obtain the float for ticket sales at the door.
  • Obtain concert tickets from the Subscriptions & Ticket Sales Manager or Administrator.
  • Organize and set-up the ticket sales tables, instructing volunteers as needed.
  • Instruct volunteer ushers on handling of guests with special needs.
  • Ensure that proceeds from ticket sales are tabulated, secured and delivered to the Treasurer or Administrator for deposit. 
  • Set up reception space with tables and instruct volunteers on lay-out of drinks and snacks.


  • Strong communication skills
  • Access to computer equipment with high-speed internet connectivity and email.

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