Administrative Manager Vacancy


Note: This is a part time position requiring approximately 7-10 hours per week mainly through the September to May concert season. Compensation is based on incumbent’s skills and ability to perform all the tasks. 

Please submit your application and resume to through the sign up form below or email or mail to NOC, Box 1012, Cobourg, ONK9A 4W4


Administrative Manger to the NOC Board of Directors and Committees: 

1. The Administrative Manager will attend Board meetings when requested, the Annual General Meeting and any other special meetings of the Board and as requested to provide a written report on orchestra activities/issues.  The Administrative Manager will perform the role of recording Secretary at these meetings. 

2. The Orchestra & Administrative Manager will provide timely input to any/all of the committee’s initiatives as requested by the Board or Committee Chairs.

Responsibilities of the Administrative Manager function:

1. In the area of Concerts

  • Arrange for the sale of tickets through approved sales outlets, prints tickets as necessary and track the sale of tickets.  Liaise with the Marketing Committee as required. 
  • Prepare a ticket sales report, rationalizing tickets sales and revenue received, or as defined by the Treasurer.
  • Deposit sales revenues in the bank and ensures appropriate paper trails meet the requirements of the Treasurer.  
  • Make complimentary tickets available to board members and others as approved.
  • 3 weeks prior to concert date prepare a list of soloists and extra musicians to be paid along with costs and copies of relevant contract and forward to Treasurer and Marketing Chair.
  • Enter all payments in the database for guest soloists and extra musicians 2 weeks in advance of concert date notifying Treasurer to ensure payments are made.
  • Ensure copies of contracts needed for hire of guest performers/conductors are prepared.
  • 2 weeks prior to each concert, request cheque for float and arrange appropriate denominations for 2 sales points.

2. In the area of Financial Accounting & Reporting

  • Enter transactions into the accounting database, using appropriate accounts references and ensures supporting records are sent to Treasurer bi-weekly. 
  • Ensure that the value of our inventories is up to date for insurance purposes.
  • Arrange for the payment of bills/invoices and for the follow-up on any accounts payable and receivable.
  • Participate in all Finance Committee meetings.
  • Manage the subscription and ticket sales process.  Received requests on line, in the mail, and through Square Reader.  Ensure payments are deposited, tickets described and all information is recorded in the financial database.
  • Make copies of all cheques received.
  • Make bank deposits on a minimum weekly basis. 
  • Prioritize petty cash submissions enter bill and convey to Treasurer for approval and payment.

3. In the area of Office Administration

  • Caretaker the NOC admin phone line and respond to enquiries in relation to the business and administrative management function referring to other board members when appropriate.
  • Maintain administrative files/records and keeps archives up to date.
  • Collect mail from post box and redirect as appropriate.
    • Book venues for meetings and concerts.
  • Ensure adequate backup of computerized data files. 
  • Provide for required office supplies and printing services.
  • Ensure proper ‘branding’ on all mail-out materials.
  • Ensure adequate supply of standard mail products (letter head, envelopes, etc.) is available.
  • Participate as required in the development of the NOC Member handbook.
  • Coordinate and prepare as requested, documentation for the Annual General Meeting.
  • Take reading of the photocopied usage and send the Treasurer. 

4. In the area of Fundraising

  • Participate in the fundraising/sponsorship plan as directed by the Development Committee.
  • Prepare and maintain the donor database(s).
  • Prepare fundraising solicitation letters for signature.
  • Arrange for envelope stuffing, stamping and mailing.
  • Maintain record of monies received, and prepare and distribute thank you letters and tax receipts.
  • Prepare progress and final reports for Development Committee Chair as requested.
  • Provide administrative support to the board representative in advertising NOC scholarship opportunities.

5. In the area of Board Administration

  • Assist the Chair, Directors and Advocates in the performance of their respective work/tasks. 
  • Provide written reports at board meetings as required.
  • Provide input/ideas on issues under discussion.
  • Participate in Strategic Planning workshops. 
  • Attend board meetings; prepare and distribute agendas as directed by the Chair.  Prepare and distribute meeting Minutes.  Maintain Minute Meeting book and ensure that the Director’s Register is up to date. 

6. in the area of Production Programming

  • Creates a calendar (project plan) of organizational events and deadlines based on information provided by the Marketing Director and specific plans approved by the Music Director including the repertoire provided by the Music Director. 

7. In the area of Instruments/Assets

  • Maintains inventory of instruments/assets owned by orchestra
  • May be required to arrange for the loan of instruments within policy guidelines.
  • Regularly checks for damage and arranges for service and repairs as requested.
  • Provides information to the Finance Director on the need to review insurance coverage.

8. In the area of Stakeholder Relations and Communications

  • Provides information updates on a regular and event specific basis.
  • Responsible for the publication and distribution of newsletter.
  • Maintains effective communications with other similar organizations, the Church administrator and any other important constituents.

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated knowledge of computer programs such as Word, Excel, Quick Books or other financial databases.
  • Able to understand and be committed to the role.
  • Capable of performing the role without undue stress/concern.
  • Capable/responsible of carrying out all of the work in a professional manner.  
  • Able to effectively communicate/collaborate with the Board members, Choir & Orchestra members and volunteers
  • Able to quickly assess problem areas and to take appropriate corrective action in a timely manner.
  • Able to allocate the time required to effectively carry out the role.
  • Demonstrated business writing skills. 
  • Team player.


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