Music Acquisition Librarian (Volunteer Position)

Role Title: Music Acquisition Librarian (Volunteer position)

Reports To: Programming Advisory Committee, Music Director, Board of Directors

General Description

The position is responsible for obtaining and arranging for distribution of orchestra & choir music as requested by the Programming Advisory Committee. This is a voluntary role.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Order music, as requested by the Programming Advisory Committee.  This may involve searching the NOC music library, searching the Internet or liaising with music librarians of other orchestras to determine the availability and cost of requested music. 
  • Forward necessary music to the appropriate contact person for production of choir CDs.  
  • Check with the string principals to arrange for bowing of the music. 
  • Arrange for the printing of music (may involve scanning of hard copy to create PDF files).
  • Arrange for the distribution of sheet music to orchestra librarian and choir librarian. 
  • Maintain catalogue of music ensuring it is up to date at all times.
  • Provide assistance to the Orchestra and Choir Librarians as necessary. 

Selection Criteria

  • Able to understand and be committed to the role.
  • Capable/responsible of carrying out work in a professional/business-like manner.  
  • Able to effectively communicate/collaborate with the Music Director, Programming Advisory Committee and Librarians.
  • Able to allocate the time required to effectively carry out the role.
  • Knowledge of music and music publishing would be considered assets.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat.